Newborn Session Guide

This is a guide to answer any questions that you may have when considering booking a newborn session with Shelby Danielle Photography! If you have any additional questions or if you'd like some information that is not covered in this guide, please do not hesitate Contact Me!

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1. Book Early! 

Newborn studio sessions are for newborns two weeks or younger. Babies more than 14 days old are more likely to be wide awake during shoots, making those cozy, sleepy, serene newborn photos more difficult to capture. Older babies are also slightly bigger and more mobile, which causes safety concerns when placing them in props. For babies two weeks and older, you can book a baby-focused in-home or outdoor family lifestyle session.

2. Feed Baby In-Studio

I typically suggest holding off on feeding baby for about an hour before our session. Then once you arrive, you will have time to feed and comfort baby to get him or her nice and warm and sleepy for the photos! Newborn sessions are a minimum of two hours to allow ample time for feeding, comforting, changing, and soothing, so once you arrive, make yourself and baby at home! Privacy is also provided for nursing mommies.





3. Dress in Layers

The newborn studio is kept nice and warm for your sweet little one because babies that young are not yet able to regulate their body temperature. This means that it may get a bit uncomfortable for adults, so I always suggest dressing in layers that can be removed if mom and dad become overly warm during the session. This is especially important during wintertime sessions when mom and dad will likely be dressed warmly for the weather outside.


4. Make yours a Custom Session!

Click here to fill out your own personal Newborn Pre-Session Questionnaire! This quick form allows me insight into your personal style and vision so that I can create a custom-tailored session just for your and your baby! Tell me all about the colors, props, poses, and themes that you are hoping to incorporate into your newborn's photos.